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Tree Healer Energy Mist x Cult of Treehouse

Tree Healer Energy Mist x Cult of Treehouse

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The Tree Healer II is an alcohol-free energy mist by Cult of Treehouse. A heady arboreal essence imbued with 17 tree oils: bark, resin, leaves, twigs, a house-made synergistic, grounding, petrified wood, hematite, smoky quartz and black tourmaline essences to lift and balance the mind. Live house-made alchemically extracted ormus minerals possess supernatural properties encouraging every living cell by helping to improve energy flow and raising the good vibrations.

Raw elite ancient shungite cleanses, purifies and energizes the restructured water base, whilst simultaneously dissolving unfriendly electromagnetic vibrations and EMFs. It has powerful grounding properties that inhibit negative thoughts, permeating both body and space with positivity and light.

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