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Narrow Stone Ring x Hinge Designs

Narrow Stone Ring x Hinge Designs

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Hand carved out of natural stone by Hinge Designs. Available in four stones: Dalmatian Jasper, Moss Agate, Montana Agate, and Lapis.

  • Dalmatian Jasper (speckled) is a calming stone. It helps with reflection and translating ideas into practice. It is also a protective and healing stone, that encourages a sense of playfulness.
  • Moss Agate (green and clear) is a stone of new beginnings. It attracts abundance and helps develop strength. It eases anxieties and supports new growth.
  • Montana Agate (grey, black, and clear) is a stone that connects one back to the earth. It strengthens composure and self confidence.
  • Lapis Lazuli (dark blue) is the stone of truth. It is a protective stone that helps one recognize inner power. It also helps with organization and stress relief. It is a stone of royalty.

While each ring is quite sturdy and has been tumbled and tested in the studio they are still made of stone and can be vulnerable when dropped or knocked against a hard surface. Stones should withstand other normal wear and tear.

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